Mithril Locations

Where to find all of those 15 lumps of metal, and what they’re used for. Why are there only 15? Read on!

What are they worth?

Each piece of mithril is worth 2000G.

Where to use them

Just above Galam is a river going down the left. At one point in the river, it looks a little dented in both sides, this is where you use the Dry Stone. You’ll be able to see the Dwarven Village on the other side, go in there and find the Blacksmith. Give him some mithril and he’ll offer to make you a weapon for 5000G (make sure you’ve got plenty of cash!).

Some of the more powerful weapons (like the Gisarme) are extremely difficult to get, so I recommend that you save game before asking him to make you something. If you’re not happy with what you get then you can reset and try again (be warned: it could take a long time… on the other hand you might get lucky and get the Gisarme first try!). The smith can do up to 4 weapons at a time, but I always stick to having just one made, because if you get one good weapon and three rubbish ones then you either lose 3 pieces of mithril to keep the good one, or you lose the good one and risk getting all rubbish ones the next time. After you’ve placed an order with him, leave the village (there’s an exit nearby) and go back – the weapon will then be ready

Why are there 15 pieces?

It has been said that 15 pieces is quite an odd number, since there are 12 members of the fighting Force. Although many have suggested that there may be 24 mithrils (with some only available by searching in battle in the Japanese release of the game…), a new Theory put forward suggests otherwise… click here to read more!

Where to find them

These are the locations of every piece of mithril in Shining Force II.

Walk behind the Ancient Tower on Grans Island – stand inbetween the two windows and search facing upwards.

Near the Holy Sword’s Shrine on Grans Island (south of Granseal) – search the rock that hangs lowest from the mountains.

When Slade helps you escape from Galam Jail and takes you down into a secret passage, walk directly up and search.

After the Earthquake in Granseal, search the small hole in the ground on the right side of the castle.

The centre square of the sandpit in Ribble.

Outside the left hand fence of Hassan, in a chest.

Among the barrels in the south of Hassan.

In Eastern Parmecia, go over the lower bridge and search in the 2-square indentation in the mountains, facing east.

A chest hidden under the trees in the bottom right of the secret Elven Town. Starting at the far left of the town, work your way around the tops of the houses, heading towards the right, you’ll then be able to go down & reach the chest.

In the passage to Creed’s, go down through the wall below the stairs, then when you come to the hidden link to the chests, go down the middle of this link to reach a totally undetectable area containing a chest with mithril. Click here to view a full picture of it’s location.

In the mountains of Devil’s Tail, north-east of Creed’s Mansion.

In Pacalon, go into the castle. In a room in the top left you’ll see 3 stones outside the castle wall. Walk through the wall towards these (there’s a hidden gap) and go down the stairs into the treasury where you’ll find a chest containing mithril.

North of Pacalon (on the way to Pangoat Valley/the bridge) there are some mountains to your right. Search the peak of these.

Chest on the right hand side inside Mitula’s Shrine.

In a chest amongst the trees on the right side of the Dojo where you find Sheela on Grans Island. You’ll need to work your way through the trees to reach it.