Boosting Items

Items that permanently increase your characters statistics, and info on where to find them.

Click on these icons to view location screenshots.

Gold (G) values are the prices at which shops sell the items. This does not mean that all items can be bought at shops, just that if you were to sell them, that’s how much you’d pay to get them back.

Power Water


Purpose: Permanent Attack Increase (boosts by 2-4)
Use on: Anyone in the Force
Location: Chest in lower floor of Holy Sword’s Shrine, Ruins south of Ribble, Chest in left room at Mitula’s Shrine
Not really one to be wasted on magic users (their attacks will never be that good, except for Master Monks of course), you’d be better to use this on Bowie to keep him among the best.

Protect Milk


Purpose: Permanent Defence Increase (boosts by 2-4)
Use on: Anyone in the Force
Location: Barrel in small house built into the ground at Polca Village, a Chest in the caverns in Tristan
This one is more the thing you should use on a magic user – after all, you want them to survive long enough to get in and cast some spells, don’t you?

Quick Chicken


Purpose: Permanent Agility Increase (boosts by 2-4)
Use on: Anyone in the Force
Location: On the boat in Granseal, the second visit to Yeel
Use this on a character who never seems to get to move soon enough in a battle.

Bright Honey


Purpose: Permanent MP Increase (boosts by 2-4)
Use on: Magic Users only
Location: Vase in house in south-west Ribble, a barrel in Ketto
Just use this one on your favourite Magic User, or if Slade already has magic, use it on him (or his MP won’t get as high as you want them too).

Cheerful Bread


Purpose: Permanent HP Increase (boosts by 2-4)
Use on: Anyone in the Force
Location: Castle in New Granseal, Vase in Pacalon
Probably best used on someone who has a low defence as well as low HP.

Running Pimento


Purpose: Permanent MOV Increase of 2
Use on: Anyone in the Force who has been promoted already
Location: Barrel in a pub at Hassan, Underground in Moun
I always use this one on either Sarah or Karna after they’ve been promoted. This’ll make them even better fighting machines. Don’t forget that if you use it before promotion, the effect will be lost afterwards.

Brave Apple


Purpose: Character goes up 1 Level
Use on: Anyone in the Force
Location: Secret Passage to Creed’s, The Dojo where Sheela is found
This is a great item, as the character it is used on will have all the usual stat increases of a normal Level-up. Great if you want to promote someone, but they’re not quite there yet, or if you want them to learn a spell ASAP.