Game Secrets

Game Cheats

From controlling opponents to repairing broken items for free, we’ve got it all…

Special Codes

These Shining Force II secret configuration codes need a programmable controller in order to enter them.

Secret Villages

There are only two secret villages in Shining Force II: the Dwarven Town on Grans Island, and the Elven Town in South Parmecia, neither of them are very difficult to reach.

Miscellaneous Secrets

Some of these Shining Force II cheats will make you wish you had a Japanese version of the game! Well, you could always emulate it…

Game Genie Codes

These are best used on an emulator as a cheat cartridge can interfere with the battery back-up in your game cart.

Known Hoaxes

Debunking the more common rumours & hoaxes about Shining Force 2...