Miscellaneous Secrets

Some of these cheats will make you wish you had a Japanese version of the game! Well, you could always emulate it…

Free Repairs

To repair cracked items for free, simply place them in the caravan and then take them out again – voila! Good as new!

Reduce Spell Damage

(Japanese Version Only)

Press down, right, left, up & then down again when  the enemy starts to use the magic attack. It will reduce the magic attack by 90% on Peter and 80% on the others.

Increase Stats by 250

(Japanese Version Only)

You must have 99 experience points, then get muddled by LV2 Muddle, because LV 1 only decreases accuracy, and 2 makes you crazy. Then, the character must attack one of your own guys, and HIT (not miss. I suggest that you “Quit” just after being muddled, then try until it hits.) then you’ll get a new level, and stats will increase by 250!

Avoid All Attacks

(Japanese Version Only)

When your character is being attacked, press Right and C. The enemy will get 2 attacks and you will counter, but they will all miss.

Fairy Woods Bonus Stage

To the east side of the Elven Village is a game-within-the-game. It’s basically a battle with one main monster who creates more monsters. Kill the main one and the battle ends. Your time to complete the fight is recorded and added to the list of times. It’s tough to beat, but it’s good for a laugh. To get there, go clockwise around the outside of the houses and then when you’ve got the mithril in the bottom-right, follow the 2-hole clearing through to the right and you’re there. There is also a quicker route to get to it, as you can see in this map.

Secret Final Battle

After the battle against Zeon, when you’ve completed the game, watch the end sequence and wait for the last screen, a picture of the two jewels. Wait about 5 mins after this, and a box will appear that says ‘And more…’

And more...

…press C and you’ll be whisked away to a secret battle, where you’ll have to kill all the Greater Devils, Zeon and a few other characters. If you look at the map of this battle, you’ll see that it’s in the shape of Sonic the Hedgehog!

Secret Battle
All the devils from the Secret Final Battle