Game Guide

Shining Force II: Game Walkthrough

A complete guide to Shining Force 2, including battle maps, saved games, item locations and it's so easy to use!

Tactics, Tips, Tricks & Strategies

Handy hints, gameplay tips, battle strategies and sneaky tricks!

Instructions Manual

How to play Shining Force 2 - adapted from Sega’s Shining Force 2 instruction booklet.

Land Effect Guide

A guide as to the full purpose and effects of Land Effect in Shining Force II…

Experience Guide

Experience is based on your strength relative to the monster you are fighting. These are the levels at which you will gain only 1 EXP for defeating each monster.

World Map & Towns

A map of the Shining Force 2 world (Grans Island and Parmecia) with pages about each town, including buildings, town maps, characters, items, key events and even the books and signs you'll find there!