Weapon Lists

Weapons: Arrows & Missles

Weapons for Archers, Snipers and Brass Gunners.

Weapons: Axes

Weapons for Warriors, Gladiators and Barons.

Weapons: Daggers & Knives

Small but effective weapons for Slade.

Weapons: Gloves & Knuckles

Weapons for the Ultimate Fighters: Mastermonks!

Weapons: Rods, Staves & Sticks

Weapons for Priests, Vicars, Mastermonks, Mages, Wizards and Sorcerers.

Weapons: Spears & Lances

Weapons for Knights, Paladins and Pegasus Knights.

Weapons: Swords

Weapons for Swordsmen, Ninjas, Barons and Birdmen.

Mithril Weapons

The finest mithril weapons hand crafted for your force by the Dwarven Blacksmith.