Mithril Weapons

All those little rocks you gathered on your journey finally come to be of use when you return to Grans Island…

You did get the Dry Stone from the fireplace in the cave where the sick dwarf was, didn’t you? Then the rest is easy! Just above Galam is a river going down the left. At one point in the river, it looks a little dented in both sides: this is where you use the Dry Stone . You’ll be able to see the Dwarven Village on the other side, go in there and find the Blacksmith. Give him some mithril and he’ll offer to make you a weapon for 5000 (make sure you’ve got plenty of cash!).

Some of the more powerful weapons (like the Gisarme) are extremely difficult to get, so I recommend that you save game before asking him to make you something. If you’re not happy with what you get then you can reset and try again (be warned: it could take a long time… on the other hand you might get lucky and get the Gisarme first try!). The smith can do up to 4 weapons at a time, but I always stick to having just one made… if you get one half decent and three rubbish ones then you either lose 3 pieces of mithril to keep the half decent one, or you lose the half decent one and risk getting all rubbish ones the next time (if you get what I mean). After you’ve placed an order with him, leave the village (there’s an exit nearby) and then go back – your weapon will be ready. Having said this, some of the mithril weapons can be won in battle or found either in the Deals of a shop or in searchables. A new Theory put forward provides more details, click here to read more!

My recommendations for weapon choices are at the bottom of the page.

Non-Magical Mithril Weapons

Weapon Equip On ATT Value Notes
Critical Sword HERO BDBT NINJ
+32 7200G Increases your chance
of Critical Attacks.
Katana NINJ +34 9600G
Battle Sword HERO NINJ BRN
+35 9200G
Counter Sword HERO BDBT RDBN
+39 13000G Increases your chance
of Counter Attacks.
Ninja Katana NINJ +39 11500G
Gisarme NINJ +42 15000G This will sometimes slice the monster in half, killing it instantly!
Mist Javelin PLDN PGNT +42 9900G
Ground Axe GLDT BRN RDBN +39
MOV +1
Great Rod SORC WIZ VICR +28 7900G
Buster Shot BWNT BRGN SNIP +37 6800G
Hyper Cannon BWNT BRGN SNIP +40 8700G

Magical Mithril Weapons

Weapon Equip On ATT Value Notes
Levanter HERO +42 14000G Blaze 3
Repair Cost: 3500
Valkyrie PLDN PGNT +33 7700G Boost Attack
Repair Cost: 1925
Halberd PLDN PGNT +37 7300G Bolt 1
Repair Cost: 1825
Holy Lance PLDN PGNT +39
DEF +5
9300G Restore 10HP
Repair Cost: 2325
Heat Axe GLDT BRN RDBN +32 7200G Blaze 2
Repair Cost: 1800
Atlas Axe GLDT BRN RDBN +35 9600G Blaze 3
Repair Cost: 2400
Rune Axe GLDT BRN RDBN +42 10000G Detox 1
Repair Cost: 2500
Wish Staff VICR +26 6100G Attack
Repair Cost: 1525
Mage Staff SORC WIZ +27 6300G Blaze 2
Repair Cost: 1575
Holy Staff VICR +29 9000G Regain 2HP per round
Goddess Staff VICR +31 9700G Aura 2
Repair Cost: 2425
Supply Staff SORC WIZ +32 8500G Remove opponent’s MP
Repair Cost: 2125
Freeze Staff SORC WIZ +37 9500G Freeze 3
Repair Cost: 2375
Mystery Staff SORC WIZ VICR +39 10000G Regain 2MP per round
Grand Cannon BWNT BRGN SNIP +43 9800G Muddle 1
Repair Cost: 2450
Misty Knuckles MMNK +48 5500G Remove opponent’s MP
Repair Cost: 1375
Giant Knuckles MMNK +55 7500G Muddle 1
Repair Cost: 1875

My Recommendations
These are the weapons that I would choose for my characters. I’ve discovered that the probablity of getting the best weapon from those available for a certain character class is about 4%. The least powerful weapon is about 48%, second least is 26% and the second best is 22%. The chances of getting a better weapon are quite low, so be prepared to spend an hour or more for each character. I didn’t get the Gisarme until I’d tried 27 times! That being said, you may get lucky and get the best weapon on your first try!

Class Weapon Reason
HERO Levanter Gives him a Blaze lv3
VICR Mystery Staff Regains 2MP each round
MMNK Giant Knuckles Really strong!
WIZ / SORC Mystery Staff Regains 2MP each round
GLDT / BRN / RDBN Rune Axe Strongest
PLDN / PGNT Mist Javelin Strongest & diagonal attacks
BRGN / SNIP / BWNT Grand Cannon Strongest