Weapons: Spears & Lances

Weapons for Knights, Paladins and Pegasus Knights.

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Cursed weapons can only be un-equipped after having the curse removed by a priest or a high level DETOX spell. They decrease one stat and may sometimes stun the character while equipped. When a character is cursed, this icon appears in the top-left of their stats sheet

I would always recommend that even if a lance is currently better than your old spear, you should keep hold of the spear too. This way, in battle you have the option to equip either and can get in some ranged attacks if your Knights can’t quite get far enough to attack with their lances.

Weapon Equip On ATT Value Notes
Wooden Stick KNTE PLDN PGNT +3 70G None
Short Spear KNTE PLDN PGNT +6 120G None
Bronze Lance KNTE PLDN PGNT +9 260G None
Spear KNTE PLDN PGNT +12 460G None
Steel Lance KNTE PLDN PGNT +16 810G None
Power Spear KNTE PLDN PGNT +20 1270G None
Heavy Lance PLDN PGNT +23 1600G None
Javelin PLDN PGNT +26 3400G None
Chrome Lance PLDN PGNT +31 6900G None
Valkyrie PLDN PGNT +33 7700G Mithril Weapon
Boost Attack
Repair Cost: 1925
Halberd PLDN PGNT +37 7300G Mithril Weapon
Bolt 1
Repair Cost: 1825
Holy Lance PLDN PGNT +39
DEF +5
9300G Mithril Weapon
Restore 10HP
Repair Cost: 2325
Mist Javelin PLDN PGNT +42 9900G Mithril Weapon
Evil Lance PLDN PGNT +48
MOV -2
11000G Cursed Weapon
Search the behind the Devil’s Head before you open it’s mouth.
Uncurse Cost: 2750