Special Codes

These Shining Force II secret configuration codes need a programmable controller in order to enter them.

The codes were given to me by Shining Force II fan Mark Arnold many years ago – big thanks Mark! I’ve never had the chance to try them and I cannot give you assistance of any kind with them.

These are exactly as he gave me them, so please don’t mail me about any typos! I’ve heard from a couple of people that it’s possible to do the codes without the programmable controller, but only the Battle Options and Battle Select ones. Apparently, you just need to press the buttons really fast, but it can take a while to get it working.

I’ve found out the code I forgot plus some other things (such as walk on anything). I’ve decided to send all the members of Moogiechat a copy. Please spread this around to people who want it. Thanks.

Power Plug accessory for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

To use the codes you need a Power Plug or similar

To use these codes you need an accessory for your Genesis (a special controller or something like that) that will allow you to program buttons in certain order (I use a “Power Plug”, but you can probably use any special controller or accessory). When you do this you usually have to designate a button the one to be programmed. For an example say that you want to program in: UP, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, B, C. You would program that in to any button, let’s say “C”. Then when ever you pressed “C” your accessory would put in the thing you programmed (UP, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, B, C) instead of “C”. Once that’s done you have to put “C” on turbo (Turbo is a command on accessories of Genesis that allow the button to be repeated very fast.), so your accessory will enter UP, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, B, C repeatedly very fast. So then you just have to hold down “C” and the thing that you programmed in (UP, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, B, C) will go very fast and repeatedly. Just for you people who don’t know what a fanfare is, it’s the noise that happens when you put the configuration code in, but it sounds evil. Also, I have the American version so I can’t verify the code for the other versions (it should still work, so e-mail me if something goes wrong).

1) Battle Options: This first code allows you to do the configuration code, walk on anything (except rivers), attack any character, use any spell, use any item, shows surrounding enemies, makes characters explode, shows secret messages, and changes all movements (all of these are ONLY battle options, except for the configuration code and the walk on anything code): Okay, first of all program into your controller: UP, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, B, C. Then put the button that you designated to hold the code on turbo. Reset the Genisis (megadrive). Immediatly after you reset the Genesis (the screen is black) hold down the button that you designated to be the one with the code. When the Sega logo appears you should hear an evil fanfare. Now let go of the button. Then you can do the last part of the configuration code if you want to (hold down C & START when you select your quest). Go to a battle and choose the attack or magic option. When you’re able to move the cursor around to choose somebody, hold down START and press A. A little box should come up in the upper right corner. Then you can change the numbers in the box. The game will freeze if you press “B” anytime the numbers are in the corner and sometimes (but not often) your character will lose their weapon-MAKE SURE EVERYBODY HAS THEIR WEAPONS BEFORE SAVING. When you’re out of the battle you can walk on anything except rivers if you hold down “B” (this allows you to do plenty of things such as get those treasure chests in the Prism Flower Battle {valkerie} and outside Mitula’s Shrine {shining ball}).

0=attack any character: Once you select this more numbers will come up (0
and 159). Here are the characters numbers:

128-Boss of the battle

The enemies numbers vary and the game will freeze if you select a numberwhich no one occupies.

1=Cast any spell on any character: Once you select this more numbers will come up (1-4): these signify the level of the spell. After you select one of those numbers, more numbers will come up (0-42): these are all the spells. After you chose the spell, more numbers will come up (0-159): these are the character numbers again. I just listed the characters numbers above, the spell level is obvious (1,2,3, or 4). Here are the numbers of the spells and what each on does.

0-Heal (heals one person)
1-Aura (heals multiple people)
2-Detox (cures people)
3-Boost (Defence and agility are raised)
4-Slow (Defence and agility are decreased)
5-Attack (Attack raised)
6-Dispel (makes person unable to perform spells)
7-Muddle (confuses enemy)
8-Desoul (instantly kills enemy)
9-Sleep (puts opponent to sleep)
10-Egress (escapes from battle)
11-Blaze (fire attack)
12-Freeze (ice attack)
13-Bolt (lightning attack)
14-Blast (air attack)
15-Demon Smile (absorbs magic points)
16-Healin (Heals one person)
17-Belch out flames (self explanitory-weak version)
18-Blew out a snowstorm (self explanitory)
19-Demon Breath (Zeon’s magic)
20-Power (attack boosted permenantly)
21-Guard (defence boosted permenantly)
22-Speed (agility boosted permenantly)
23-Idaten (movement range increased permenantly)
24-Health (hit points raised permentantly)
25-B. Rock (Burst Rock – from Geshp’s Battle)
26-Laser (I have no idea)
27-Katon (fire attack)
28-Raijin (lightning attack)
29-Dao (elemental earth attack)
30-Apollo (elemental fire attack)
31-Neptun (elemental rain attack)
32-Atlas (giant fists pound enemy)
33-Powder (I have no idea)
34-G. Tear (recovers magic points)
35-Hanny (magic points increased permenantly)
36-Brave (level increased permenantly)
37-F. Ball (fire attack)
38-Brezad (ice attack)
39-Thunder (lightning attack)
40-Aqua Breath (bubble attack)
41-Belch out flames (self explanitory-strong version)
42-Shine (recovers magic points)

If you select a level of a spell that doesn’t exist (eg level 4 DAO) a fairy will come and attack the enemy instead.

2=Use any item on any character: Once you select this, more numbers will come up (0-127): these are the items. After you choose your item, more numbers will come up (0-159): these are the characters. After you choose your character, more numbers will come up (0-3): I have no idea what these numbers (0-3) do. You know the characters from before so here are all the items and what they do:

0-Medical herb (heal’s one person)
1-Healing seed (heal’s one person)
2-Healing drop (heal’s one person)
3-Antidote (cures poison)
4-Angel wing (escapes from battle)
5-Fairy powder (cures poison, sleep, etc.)
6-Healing water (heal’s one person)
7-Fairy tear (recovers magic points)
8-Healing rain (Heals everybody)
9-Power water (attack boosted permenantly)
10-Protect milk (defence boosted permenantly)
11-Quick chicken (agility boosted permenantly)
12-Running pimento (movement range increased permenantly)
13-Cheerful bread (hit points increased permenantly)
14-Bright honey (magic points increased permenantly)
15-Brave apple (level increased permenantly)
16-Shining ball (fire attack)
17-Blizzard (ice attack)
18-Holy thunder (super attack)
19-Power ring (attack boosted)
20-Protect ring (agility, defence boosted)
21-Quick ring (no effect)
22-Running ring (no effect)
23-White ring (aura 2)
24-Black ring (blaze 2)
25-Evil ring (bolt 2)
26-Leather glove (no effect)
27-Power glove (no effect)
28-Brass knuckles (no effect)
29-Iron knuckles (no effect)
30-Misty knuckles (drain’s magic points)
31-Giant knuckles (muddle 1)
32-Evil knuckles (no effect)
33-Short axe (no effect)
34-Hand axe (no effect)
35-Middle axe (no effect)
36-Power axe (no effect)
37-Battle axe (no effect)
38-Large axe (no effect)
39-Great axe (no effect)
40-Heat axe (blaze 2)
41-Atlas axe (blaze 3)
42-Ground axe (no effect)
43-Rune axe (detox 1)
44-Evil axe (no effect)
45-Wooden arrow (no effect)
46-Iron arrow (no effect)
47-Steel arrow (no effect)
48-Robin arrow (no effect)
49-Assualt shell (no effect)
50-Great shot (no effect)
51-Nazca Cannon (no effect)
52-Buster shot (no effect)
53-Hyper Cannon (no effect)
54-Grand Cannon (muddle 1)
55-Evil shot (no effect)
56-Wooden stick (no effect)
57-Short sword (no effect)
58-Middle sword (no effect)
59-Long sword (no effect)
60-Steel sword (no effect)
61-Achilles sword (no effect)
62-Broad sword (no effect)
63-Buster sword (no effect)
64-Great sword (no effect)
65-Critical sword (no effect)
66-Battle sword (no effect)
67-Force sword (no effect)
68-Counter sword (no effect)
69-Levanter (blaze 3)
70-Dark sword (desoul 1)
71-Wooden sword (no effect)
72-Short spear (no effect)
73-Bronze lance (no effect)
74-Spear (no effect)
75-Steel lance (no effect)
76-Pwer spear (no effect)
77-Heavy lance (no effect)
78-Javelin (no effect)
79-Chrome lance (no effect)
80-Valkerie (attack boosted)
81-Holy lance (heal 1)
82- Mist javelin (no effect)
83-Halberd (bolt 1)
84-Evil lance (no effect)
85-Wooden rod (no effect)
86-Short rod (no effect)
87-Bronze rod (no effect)
88-Iron rod (no effect)
89-Power stick (no effect)
90-Flail (no effect)
91-Guardian staff (no effect)
92-Indra staff (steals magic points)
93-Mage staff (blaze 2)
94-Wish staff (attack boosted)
95-Great rod (no effect)
96-Supply staff (removes opponents magic points)
97-Holy staff (no effect)
98-Freeze staff (freeze 2)
99-Goddess staff (aura 2)
100-Mystery staff (no effect)
101-Demon rod (steals magic points)
102-Iron rod (blaze 3)
103-Short knife (no effect)
104-Dagger (no effect)
105-Knife (no effect)
106-Thieve’s knife (no effect)
107-Katana (no effect)
108-Ninja Katana (no effect)
109-Gisarme (no effect)
110-Taros sword (bolt 2)
111-Right of hope (restores everybody’s magic points)
112-Wooden panel (no effect)
113-Sky orb (no effect)
114-Cannon (no effect)
115-Dry stone (no effect)
116-Dinamite (no effect)
117-Arm of golem (no effect)
118-Pegasus wing (no effect)
119-Warrior pride (no effect)
120-Silver tank (no effect)
121-Secret book (no effect)
122-Vigor ball (no effect)
123-Mithral (no effect)
124-Life ring (no effect)
125-Cotton balloon (no effect)
126-Chirrup sandels (no effect)
127-Empty (no effect)

3=shows images of surrounding enemies (this one is self-explanitory)

4=make characters explode: It makes the character explode and injures characters surrounding the target

5=special message (self-explanitory)

6=Prism Laser: Affects movement. For an example you could walk on anything or you wouldn’t be able to move.

You can save whenever you want using these codes.

2) Battle Select: Okay, first of all program into your controller UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, B, C, B, C, B, C. Then put the button you designated to be the one containing the code on turbo. Reset the Genisis. Immediatly hold down the button that contains the turboed code (the screen is black). When the Sega logo appears you should hear an evil fanfare. Release the button. The screen will turn black with a blue square contaning numbers in the top right corner (0-49). THIS PART IS OPTIONAL: IF YOU WANT PEOPLE TO GO AUTOMATICALLY UP LEVELS PRESS BE AND THEN TAP “A”. PRESS “B” TO CONTINUE. After you enter a number, another blue square with numbers will appear (0-1). After you choose a number here, another blue square with numbers will appear
(0-999/0-1). After you chose your numbers you will start at a battle. I know that the first blue square with numbers (0-49) is the battles. I have no idea what the other one’s do. You start with all of the characters when you do this code. Here are the battles:

0-Secret boss battle
1-Gizmo battle
2-Battle from Granseal to Yeel
3-Battle from Yeel to Hawel’s house
4-Battle with first encounter of Lemon
5-Battle to get jewel of light
6-Battle from Galam to Granseal
7-Battle with King Galam (first encounter)
8-Battle to save trapped man
9-Battle from the new Granseal to Ribble
10-Battle with power ring
11-Battle in Cavern of Darkness (Hodgoblin)
12-Battle after Oddler is introduced (to Bedoe)
13-Battle after exiting from Bedeo (Gerhalt joins here)
14-Battle to ruins where Petro’s grandfather lives
15-Battle in shrine south of Ribble
16-Battle againt Kraken
17-Battle to Taros’s shrine
18-Battle againt Taros
19-Battle from the Elven Village to the pond where Elric is.
20-Battle where you save Elric
21-Battle in Devil’s Tail
22-Chestboard battle
23-Battle against Willard
24-Battle right before Rohde joins
25-Battle in cave between South and North Parmecia
26-Battle where you meet Gesph and Higins
27-First battle at the place where Jaro joins
28-Battle at bridge, where you meet Cameela
29-Battle in front of Mitula’s Shrine
30-Battle against Zalbard
31-Battle in Palacon village, meet Geshp again
32-Battle where you get Jaro
33-Battle in Moun
34-Battle against Cameela
35-First battle after returned to Grans Island
36-Battle with prism flowers
37-Battle against Red Baron
38-Battle against Geshp
39-battle where Hydra wants to defeat you to become a greater devil
40-Battle against Odd Eye
41-Battle up the tower
42-Battle against King Galam (2nd encounter)
43-Battle against Zeon
44-Secret battle in forest

When you’re in a battle you can do all the battle options from the first code (the one at the top of the page). In battle select if you cast egress you will come to the chruch commands (cure, raise, promote, save), DO NOT SAVE; it will save mess up the game in the first position. After that if you exit the chuch commands you will be able to choose a shop number (0-100). These are the shops in the game plus other bonus shops that contain everything in the game, if you choose a number that doesn’t exist, the Genesis will freeze. After that the normal commands will come up (member, magic, item, search). After you exit from those, the caravan commands will come up (join, depot, item, status). If you exit the caravan commands, you will be able to choose a battle again. Sometimes you’ll be able to press “B” again here and tap “A” again (when it doesn’t work the second time around it won’t do anything or your Genesis will freeze).

3) Start anywhere in the game: Okay, first of all program into the controller UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, B, C, C, B, B, A, A, B. Then put the button that you designated to be the one with the code on turbo. Reset the genisis. Immediatly hold down the button that you designated to be the one with the code (the screen is black). When the Sega logo appears you should hear an evil fanfare. Release the button. The screen will turn black with a blue square contaning numbers in the top right corner (0-56). After you enter a number another blue square with numbers will appear (0-999/0-1). Select one of those numbers and you will start your quest in the middle of the game. I’m don’t know how the numbers operate, they just do. Also, the only character you start the game with is Bowie. You can walk over anything by holding down “B” as youy move. If you die, you’ll either start where you started with the code, or you’ll be transported to an unwalkable territory outside Mitula’s Shrine. If you get transported to Mitula’s Shrine just hold down “B” and walk to
land. In battles, you can use the Battle Options listed at the top of the page. You can save here, but it will record over the game in the first position.

4) Control the evade, heavy attack, double attack, and counter attack: This one just happens by itself about 40% of the time that you put in the first code I told you about. What will happen is right before your about to attack/use magic, those “yes or no heads” appear. The first one that appears controls evade. The second one that appears controls heavy attacks. The third one that appears controls double attacks. And finally the fourth one that appears controls counter attacks.

Finally, that’s all the codes. If you find out something that I don’t know how to do (what 0-3 means in the item select, what B. Rock does, what Laser oes, what Powder does, and what Fairy Powder does, how the numbers operate in the start anywhere code, what the numbers in the second two squares of the battle select code do, anything secrets you find within these codes), please let me know. Please give me credit for this. You also might be able to do these codes without the special accessories. I’ve tried to find out how, but I couldn’t. Note: I didn’t say you CAN I said you MIGHT be able to do them without specail accessories.

You’re welcome.

From Mark Arnold

If you need any more help e-mail me at arnoldb@mail.minet.ca