Promotion Items

Items used to promote your characters to a special class, and where to find them.

Some of the Shining Force II characters can be promoted with certain items to a special fighting class. To use them simply have them in the item slot of a character (not in the depot of the caravan) when you go to the priest and ask for a promotion. He’ll automatically offer to use it in the promotion. Characters can only be promoted once, so for example if you’ve already made Chester a Paladin, he cannot be promoted to Pegasus Knight (if he was still a Knight he could be promoted to Pegasus Knight though). Remember, characters must be at least level 20 in order to be promoted.

Click on these icons to view location screenshots.

Gold (G) values are the prices at which shops sell the items. This does not mean that all items can be bought at shops, just that if you were to sell them, that’s how much you’d pay to get them back.

Warrior Pride


Purpose: Promotes to Special Class “Baron” (BRN)
Use on: Warriors (WARR)
Location: Tactical Base at New Granseal, search the eagle shield.
Pros: Barons have +1 on their MOV and can use Swords
Cons: You don’t get to see them swinging axes around their heads 😉

Pegasus Wing


Purpose: Promotes to Special Class “Pegasus Knight” (PGNT)
Use on: Knights (KNTE)
Location: Pacalon Castle. There is a blue carpet leading out of the throne room. Walk down the right hand side of the carpet, until you’re standing at the outer wall of the castle. Search here. See the screenshot if you’re having problems finding it.
Pros: They can fly, and their movement is not affected by the terrain
Cons: They receive no defence bonus from Land Effect and you have to wait a long time to get this item, leaving you stuck with a poor weapon for some time

Vigor Ball


Purpose: Promotes to Special Class “Master Monk” (MMNK)
Use on: Priests (PRST)
Location: Hidden in a chest under the trees in the top-left corner of the secret Elven Town. There’s also another one, nearby Sheela’s pool (at the Dojo on Grans), just go straight down from the pool to a tree that is standing alone and search on the right side of it. Note that in the Japanese version there is no Vigor Ball in the Elven Town.
Pros: Master Monks are amazing at both fighting and healing. Use it, use it!!
Cons: None, unless you like Vicars

Secret Book


Purpose: Promotes to Special Class “Sorcerer” (SORC)
Use on: Mages (MAGE)
Location: The big building in the Elven Town. Search the bookcases on the top floor.
Pros: Sorcerers have much cooler spells (they summon gods) and they look much cooler too
Cons: You’ll lose your Blaze, Freeze etc.

Silver Tank


Purpose: Promotes to Special Class “Brass Gunner” (BRGN)
Use on: Archers (ACHR)
Location: The Cavern of Darkness, on the way to Mount Volcano. On the right side there is a chest you can open after the battle, it’s in there.
Pros: A higher defence and the ability to attack long range without a weapon
Cons: Brass Gunners tend to be much slower and seem to never reach the battle in time because of this. If you’re going have a Brass Gunner, give them the Running Ring or use a Running Pimento on them!