The Ultimate Shining Force II Guide
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shining force ii: items: section overview
Restoring Items
Items that replenish low HP and MP, cure various ailments and information about the ever-elusive "Right of Hope".

Boosting Items
Items that permenantly increase your characters statistics, and info on where to find them.

Rings & Accessories
Items your characters can equip, and where to find them.

Battle Items
Items which can only be used in battles, and where to find them.

Promotion Items
Items used to promote your characters to a special class, and where to find them.

Important Items
Pretty much every other (non-weapon) item, along with it's purpose and location!

Mithril Locations
Where to find all of those 15 lumps of metal, and what they're used for. Also includes a very plausible theory as to why there are 15 pieces.

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