I’m going to make a website about Shining Force II. Can I use your…?

First of all, I recommend you read the following section from my disclaimer:

Site Usage
This site (and the contents thereof) is for personal use only and is not to be duplicated in any way, shape or form without prior written permission from myself (Moogie). You have permission to print or save files from this web site for your own personal use, however such copies are not to be distributed. “Distributed” includes (but is not limited to): sale, hire, giving as incentive to buy (eg, bonus with an auction/sale) and publishing of the copies. If in doubt about the way in which you are using copies this site, please contact me. Above all, you must not link to any files on this server (or on the www.shining-force.co.uk domain) that do not end with a .html extension.

So, you must not use anything from this site on your own site without first asking me. I usually say it’s okay for things to be used when people ask, but it can depend on exactly what they want to use. I’ve stumbled by other Shining Force 2 sites that have blatantly ripped off my work on this site, copying my entire walkthrough and claiming it as their own (amongst other things). I strongly object to these kind of actions, as I’ve worked on this site for well over 5 years now… if people are going to use my work, I at least expect some kind of credit.

I’ve also found sites that use graphics directly from my server – this is unfair to my host, as it’s using up their bandwidth. I have to display banners all over this site to cover the bandwidth costs, and I’ll only end up having to put up more banners if people keep stealing my bandwidth.

When you email me regarding this, I’ll confirm which things you can use & how, and what I ask in return.