The Ultimate Shining Force II Guide
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mithril weapons
spears & lances
rods, staves & sticks
arrows & missiles
daggers & knives
gloves & knuckles

shining force ii: weapons: section overview
Mithril Weapons
Just the weapons that the Blacksmith can make, and what I'd recommend from them.

Swordsmen, Ninjas, Barons and Birdmen.

Spears & Lances
Knights, Paladins and Pegasus Knights.

Warriors, Gladiators and Barons.

Rods, Staves & Sticks
Priests, Vicars, Mastermonks, Mages, Wizards and Sorcerers.

Arrows & Missles
Archers, Snipers and Brass Gunners.

Daggers & Knives
Small but effective weapons for Slade.

Gloves & Knuckles
For the Ultimate Fighters: Mastermonks!

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