The Shining Force: Bowie

Name: Bowie
Japanese: Boui (translated: Bowie)
Race: Human
Class: Swordsman (SDMN)
Promotion: Hero (HERO)

Bowie is the character you play as and leader of the Shining Force. You can name him what you like, as Bowie is just his default name.

He starts out in the game as a rather young looking Swordsman, as the picture on the right shows. However, after promotion to Hero status he looks a lot older.

He can use magic, though he only has 2 spells. The only weapons he can use are swords. An unlikely Hero at first, he’ll soon prove his true strength if you remember that he needs to fight too, not just stand in the back hoping that he won’t be killed. Of course you must protect him – if he dies, the Force retreats (and you lose half your money) – but he can end up very strong if you use him!

Incidentally, many people think that Bowie is supposed to be the son of Shining Force‘s hero, Max. My Shining Force Chronology at Shining Force Central disproves this, but suggests that Ian, the hero of Final Conflict could be Bowie’s father.

Bowie, Hero of the Shining Force
SDMN BowieHERO Bowie
Bowie, Swordsman of the Shining Force Bowie, Hero of the Shining Force


Many thanks to Wolfgang Landgraf for these animations!

Swordsman Class (SDMN)

attack defend

Hero Class (HERO)

attack defend

Statistics & Growth

Initial Statistics

1 12 8 9 4 4 6 Wooden Sword Egress 1

The graphs below show the growth rate of Bowie’s statistics throughout the game, starting at level 1 (level 1 stats are based on growth rate if the character joined at any other level). These are adapted from the ASCII/Famitsu Shining Force II Guide Book, and so should be pretty accurate! However, please note that the charts are based on a standard game, in which no extra training is given to any characters. The growth may vary with extra training, and even from game to game, due to the random level-ups.

Base Class:
After Promotion:



Swordsman (SDMN) Class Weapons

Can also be equipped following promotion

Wooden Sword
ATT +3
No special notes
Short Sword
ATT +5
No special notes
Middle Sword
ATT +9
No special notes
Long Sword
ATT +12
No special notes
Steel Sword
ATT +16
No special notes
Achilles Sword
ATT +19
Hurts Taros

Hero (HERO) Class Weapons

Can only be equipped following promotion

Broad Sword
ATT +22
No special notes
Buster Sword
ATT +26
No special notes
Great Sword
ATT +29
Mithril Weapon
Critical Sword
ATT +32
Mithril Weapon / Increases Critical Hits
Battle Sword
ATT +35
Mithril Weapon
Counter Sword
ATT +39
Mithril Weapon / Increases Counter Attacks
ATT +42
Mithril Weapon / Blaze Lv3
Force Sword
ATT +46
No special notes
Dark Sword
ATT +50/ DEF -5
Cursed Weapon / Desoul Lv1


Below is a list of the spells learned by this character, and at which level the character needs to be for the spell level to increase.

Note: The game always assumes that a character has been promoted at level 20. For example, a spell learned at level 37 could be gained at level 37 before promotion, or level 17 after promotion if promoted before level 37. For more info on how the spells work, see the Spells Page.

Retreat from battle
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
1 n/a n/a n/a
Damages enemy with lightning
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
22 31 42 51