NPCs and Devils

These are some of the other characters you’ll meet in the game but who don’t join. Some may aid you, some will be your arch enemies.


Sir Astral

Your teacher from Granseal. A wise old man who longs for adventure and joins you as a friend and advisor as soon as he gets the chance to.

King Granseal

King Granseal

The King of your home town and father of Elis. He was possessed near the start of the game, but Astral saved him.

King Galam

King Galam

King of Galam, a town nearby Granseal. He is possessed later and becomes a follower of Zeon.


Princess Elis

Daughter of King Granseal, she was kidnapped by Zeon and King Galam. Her father wants you to find her.


The Trader

The man who works in all of the shops, without him you’d never be able to fight the Powers of Darkness!


The Priest

You’ll find him in just about every church in the game. He’ll heal you comrades, save your position in the game and also promote members of the Force.



A young, blind boy who is found in Polca Village after the disturbance at Mount Volcano. He tags along with the force until you meet Creed. There could be more to him than meets the eye…



An ex-Greater Devil, Creed is now retired. He’s got a collection of miniature people which you’ll join for a while. He can contact the Evil Spirit to aid you and also gives you a choice of four people to join the Force. Later in the game he’ll act as a priest for you.

The Fairy

The Fairy

Fairy seems to live with Creed, but is friendly with the Dwarves and Elves. You first meet her in disguise in Polca Village, where she says she’ll “See you later”. Indeed she does, as she’ll go with you to help the sick dwarf.


Goddess Mitula

The Goddess of Rune, she lives in Tristan at “Mitula Shrine” and is keeper of the Ground Orb. She’ll help you throughout the game.


God Volcanon

The apparently cold-hearted God of Rune, he lives at Mt. Volcano, just north of Polca Village. He has a major grudge against the ground-dwelling people of Granseal.