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shining force ii: secrets: known hoaxes
People always like to think they know something you don't know... and this is where hoaxes and rumours begin. Shining Force II has it's fair share of hoaxes and rumours of course. Here are just a few of them. None of these hold an ounce of truth. If you see dubious information on the web about this game, if it's not listed on this site, the chances are it's a hoax!

Enchanted Item: Engulf Sword
Many seemingly reputable game/cheat sites have this one listed. It's nothing more than a hoax though:

"The Engulf Sword can be found near Granseal's (the city) "Blood Volcano". Search the exit of the path, near some bushes. If you equip this sword to a cursed team-mate, you wont be able to "unequip" it, but you wont want to anyway, whereas it casts the famous "cover" spell each time it is used. The cover spell puts a blackish-grey cloud over your enemy and slowly drains the mp, hp, and kp, much like the "Jilon" spell.
submitted by Andrew G. Andrew G. "

In the code of the game, there is no Engulf Sword. Try hacking the ROM or using GenEdit, and you'll see. There's no such place as the "Blood Volcano", especially not at Granseal! There's no "cover" spell, there's no such thing as "kp" in character stats and there's no "jilon" spell. This is just a load of twaddle. I can't believe anyone fell for this, let alone that such sites would publish it!

Edit Characters Stats Cheat for Shining Force 1
I've heard from a number of people that several reputable gaming websites are listing a cheat which supposedly allows you to edit the stats of characters in SHF1 - the real version, not just the ROM. The alleged cheat is as follows:

"In battle, press B and move the cursor to an enemy and press A to select it. Then press A, C, C, B, A, C, B, A, B, B, B, B, C. Now select your own characters and you should be able to change their stats."

As yet I've not had any success in getting this cheat to work, and many people have emailed me with likewise findings. I'm assuming therefore that this is just a hoax, unless I see it actually working. Please do let me know if you find anything to suggest that this is a real code.

Make Lemon a ????? Superfighter!
Another rumour circulating recently amongst Shining Force 2 fans is that by using the Warrior Pride on Lemon you can turn him into some kind of super-powered fighter.

The rumour states that his class will become "??????" and he can use Cannons and Shots. It's been said that he causes over 100HP damage to Zeon and over 900HP damage on other monsters.

Sounds too good to be true? It probably is. I've not found how to get this working - Lemon cannot be promoted and the Warrior Pride cannot be used. Everyone who's mailed me about this one is very vague about it and how it works. I'm inclined once again to believe that this is yet another hoax. If you find out anything to to contrary please let me know!

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