The Ultimate Shining Force II Guide
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shining force ii: secrets: game cheats
Special Options

On the 'SEGA' logo, quickly press:
U, D, U, D, L, R, L, R, U, R, D, L, U, B
on the joypad. Then hold 'start' (you need to hold this until you have selected the game which you want to continue). You should hear a sort of fanfare to let you know that it's worked. When you choose the game you want to continue, you must select it with the C button, and then you can release 'start'. This will give you the following options Click for Picture:

  • Click for Picture Special Turbo
  • Click for Picture Control Opponent
  • Click for Picture Auto Battle
  • Click for Picture Game Completed
And then tell you that Configuration is done, and to go ahead. Click for Picture

If you use this cheat to control the opponent then you can also get all of the best items and weapons. Just make the bad guy drop his items and when you go to the Deals section of a shop, you'll be able to buy it (as long as the item or weapon is special, normal weapons will not be sold in the deals)!

Re-name Characters

After you've named the main character, hilight 'end', then press A and 'Start' together. Another character should appear. You can now name each member of the force!

Sound Test

To access this cheat, you must have completed the game. You can do this using the other cheat. When you opt to continue your game, hold START and press up and C.
I've never got this one to work, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't!

Infinite Rings

Not a cheat as such, but a very handy trick nonetheless!
To get lots of rings, use the Control Opponent option in the configuration mode and play the battles where an enemy holds the ring over and over again by egressing before the battle is over. Each time you play the battle, make the enemy drop the ring. You can then buy it in the deals section of the shop!

Repair Broken Items for Free

Not a cheat as such, but a very handy trick nonetheless!
To repair cracked items for free, simply place them in the caravan and then take them out again - voila! Good as new!

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