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shining force ii: main guide: frequently asked questions (faqs)
How can I get the best mithril weapons quickly?

Since the weapon you are given is random, there's no way to quickly get the best weapons - sorry! You just have to keep trying until you get lucky!

However, some of the items can be found in Deals or in chests, battles etc. The only items that can't be found elsewhere in the game (ie, can only be made by the blacksmith) are:

  1. Levanter
  2. Katana
  3. Ninja Kitana
  4. Gisarme
  5. Halberd
  6. Mist Javelin
  7. Holy Lance
  8. Ground Axe
  9. Rune Axe
  10. Holy Staff
  11. Supply Staff
  12. Freeze Staff
  13. Grand Cannon
  14. Misty Knuckles
  15. Giant Knuckles

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