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shining force ii: main guide: frequently asked questions (faqs)
Are you going to make a page about any other Shining Force games?

I've already made the following sites:

Shining in the Darkness - needs more work, there are better sites around :)
Shining Force - still under construction, due to other Shining projects
Shining Force 2 - this site
Shining Force Gaiden Final Conflict - including the only English script for the game on the web! Yup, I'm the sucker who's translating it!
Shining Force Central - a directory of hundreds of Shining Force sites, organised by game & catergory. Each site is individually ranked. Shining Force Central has lots of other features too, including artwork, desktop wallpapers, greeting cards, message boards, information about each game, Shining Force Chronology, my collection, polls, comics, MP3s and a monthly contest.... and probably lots of other things I've forgotten to mention.

I've also been running a campaign for a new Shining Force game, however I've taken this offline temporarily while I re-assess the goals & redesign the site. I expect this to be online again by the start of November.

I'm always working on all of my sites, but often there are times when one or two seem to be neglected. Don't worry, they'll get their turns. Right now my priority is to translate Final Conflict, however I'm also eager to complete work on my Shining Force CD site & finish off my Shining Force site. I also need to relaunch the campaign, keep Shining Force Central updated & do some work on my Shining in the Darkness site. Oh, and get on with some more of my Shining Force 2 story! So... I'm quite busy :)

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