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shining force ii: main guide: frequently asked questions (faqs)
How do I get through the maze at the Devil's Head Statue?

As you enter Devil's Head, go up, then turn right at the junction. Go up the stairs on the right. At the four-way crossroads, go up, then down the stairs on the right. Follow the path to the top, then go left and up the stairs. Go down the path (don't slide down the other side!). Go down the stairs on the left. Ignore the 3 stairs in a row and go up past them, then along the path under them. Go up the stairs and down the path. Fall down the left slide, go up and then left up the stairs. Go up, and down the slide on the end. Follow on up the stairs and you're at the large door.

Map of the maze at Devil's Head, PNG format, 150k

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