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shining force ii: main guide: frequently asked questions (faqs)

Before you email me with any questions, please make sure that your question isn't listed below. Also, don't forget to try searching the site too! I've put each answer on it's own page, so that there aren't too many "spoilers" on one page :) Please note: if you email me a question that's on this list, you're unlikely to receive a reply, as I'm very busy most of the time!

  1. How do I get the chest outside Mitula's Sanctuary - the one on the island in the lake around the temple?

  2. How do I get the chest in the Prism Flowers battle?

  3. How do I get through the maze at the Devil's Head Statue?

  4. Whenever I go to fight the big guy in armour (The Taros), he just tells me to go away. How do I fight him?

  5. Rohde always tells me that he's busy and to come back later. When I do, he says the same. How can I make him join me?

  6. When I go back to Yeel, after I've been to Parmecia, the town is deserted. What am I supposed to do here?

  7. On the west side of Pacalon Castle, I can see a stairway, but no way to reach it. How can I reach it?

  8. I follow an old man to a room where he says there is a tunnel to Grans Island. When we get there and I kill the monsters, he tells me it's locked. Where do I go from here?

  9. How do I get the Holy Sword (Force Sword) out of the stone?

  10. The Taros dropped his sword/Cameela dropped the Iron Ball. Nobody can equip it, what does it do?

  11. Are there any cheats for Shining Force 1?

  12. How many Mithrils are there and where are they located?

  13. What does the 'Game Completed' option in the Configuration cheat do?

  14. Is there going to be a Shining Force 3 on the Genesis?

  15. I can't get the UDUDLRLR.... cheat to work! What am I doing wrong?

  16. Where can I buy [insert name of Shining game here]?

  17. Which are the best characters for the force / Which characters do you usually use?

  18. I bought the game used, without the booklet, could you tell me how to...?

  19. Are you going to make a page about any other Shining Force games?

  20. Are there any Game Genie/Action Replay codes for Shining Force 2?

  21. When I tried to equip Lemon with a weapon, it didn't work, what's wrong?

  22. What level do my characters need to be at, to get promoted?

  23. How do I use the promotion items (and can I promote a Paladin to Pegasus Knight/Gladiator to Baron/Vicar to Mastermonk/Sniper to Brass Gunner/Wizard to Sorcerer)?

  24. How do I use the ".gsv" savegames I downloaded from this site?

  25. Whenever I save a game and power-down, each time I go back to play it the savegame is gone! Why is this? (non-emulator)

  26. Is there a way I can play this game on my computer?

  27. Where can I download Shining Force ROMs?

  28. I'm having a problem with the ROM/emulator, can you tell me how to...?

  29. I'm going to make a website about Shining Force II. Can I use your...?

  30. How can I link to your Shining Force II website?

  31. Will you link to my Shining Force II website?

  32. Which of the 4 characters should I select at Creed's Mansion?

  33. Why is Peter listed as "Ash" in the instructions manual?

  34. What is the purpose of Land Effect?

  35. How can I get the best mithril weapons quickly?

  36. I heard a rumour about a weapon called the Engulf Sword... where is it?

  37. Is Bowie the son of Max from the original Shining Force?

  38. When are you going to update....[insert section of site here]?

  39. Under Ribble in the area where the Achilles Sword was found, there are some blocked passages... where do they lead?

  40. How do you build a website? Can you teach me how to....?

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