Towns: Granseal

Information, town map, buildings, items, characters, books & signs and key events.

Outside Granseal

Granseal is Bowie’s home town (and also that of Chester, Sarah and Jaha), and is situated in the south-eastern coast of Grans Island. It is a medium sized town, ruled by King Granseal. Situated nearby the castle is a huge Tower, of Ancient origin which has recently been opened, but no-one knows why.

Granseal is where the adventure begins. You’ll visit this town 3 times throughout the course of the game.

Town maps

Granseal Town

A huge map of Granseal - this may take quite some time to load!

Granseal Castle

A huge map of Granseal Castle - this may take quite some time to load!

Tower of the Ancients

A huge map of the Tower - this may take quite some time to load!

Granseal Docks and the Boat

Inside the Boat


Bowie's House

Bowie’s House

The School

The School

Bowie's Neighbours

Bowie’s Neighbours


Jaha's House
Jaha’s House

Small House

The Church

Weapons and Items Shop

The Shop

The Empty Pet Shop
The Pet Shop

Soldier’s House
(Inside Castle Walls)

Items to find

Characters that join

SARAH the PRST and CHESTER the KNTE have joined the shining force

Sarah and Chester are the first characters to join your Force. After the messenger comes to get Astral, they’ll decide to sneak into the castle and as of then they are your teammates.

JAHA the WARR has joined the shining force

After your first battle you are sent on a mission to fetch an old man named Hawel. As you are about to leave the town, Jaha (who has apparently woken up by now) joins up.

KIWI the TORT has joined the shining force

You’ll first meet Kiwi when the pet shop opens in Granseal before you leave to get Hawel. When you return, he’s been set loose and is only too pleased to find someone to look after him.

Books and signs


Attitude of Soldiers
Healing Magic
The Legend of Max
Be Good
Little Dinosaurs
SEGA Guide
An Old Goat
Guide to the Castle
Study of Yogurt
Science 101
Granseal Kings
Making a Rug
Castle Romance


Nothing to fear but fear itself
Look before you leap
No pain, no gain… is this true?

Key events