The Shining Force: Gerhalt

Name: Gerhalt
Japanese: Geruharuto (translated: Gerhalt)
Race: Beastman
Class: Wolfman (WFMN)
Promotion: Wolf Baron (WFBR)

Gerhalt is a Beast Man from Polca Village, who joins at the start of a battle in his home town after realising that the townspeople had been deceived. He is quite strong, though if he misses out on a single battle he can soon fall behind. His movement range (5) is what limits his progress, so I recommend that if you plan to use him until the end that you shoud use a Running Pimento on him. After this he’ll be a sure-fire permenant member of your team. After he is promoted he becomes a full Wolf, leaving his human form behind forever.

Gerhalt’s Headquarters Quote:
“Those who are truly strong, like me, don’t need weapons.”

Gerhalt, Wolfman of the Shining Force
WFMN GerhaltWFBR Gerhalt
Gerhalt, Wolfman of the Shining Force Gerhalt, Wolf Baron of the Shining Force


Many thanks to Wolfgang Landgraf for these animations!

Wolfman Class (WFMN)

attack defend

Wold Baron Class (WFBR)

attack defend

Statistics & Growth

Initial Statistics

13 23 0 35 21 21 5 None None

The graphs below show the growth rate of Gerhalt’s statistics throughout the game, starting at level 1 (level 1 stats are based on growth rate if the character joined at any other level). These are adapted from the ASCII/Famitsu Shining Force II Guide Book, and so should be pretty accurate! However, please note that the charts are based on a standard game, in which no extra training is given to any characters. The growth may vary with extra training, and even from game to game, due to the random level-ups.

Base Class:
After Promotion:



Gerhalt knows that those who are truly strong do not need weapons and so he fights using his brute strength before promotion. Agile and strong, his punches are helpful in the fight against evil. After promotion his claws appear and are long enough to be used almost like daggers, jumping onto his victim and embracing them with talons ripping their flesh. A true animal if ever there was one. Perhaps in his case though it is a case of more braun than brain, as Gerhalt never masters any magic spells.