The Ultimate Shining Force II Guide
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shining force ii: main guide: walkthrough
Shining Force 2 is divided into four main parts, which I will deal with individually in this walkthrough. Anywhere you see this icon: info you can click it for more information on that town, including maps, items, book names etc (these pages may take time to load due to all the images). Bosses for each battle are listed beneath the battle's name. Bosses marked with a (skull & crossbones) destroy all other monsters when killed, and so the battle ends when they die. Anywhere you see this icon: .gsv you can click to download some savegames (see "How to use Save Games" on the FAQ Page).

Please choose which part of the walkthrough you want to use (they may take a little while to load, but please be patient):

Grans Island South Parmecia
North Parmecia Return to Grans

Since there are quite a few pictures (of the battle maps and monsters), I won't be putting screen shots into the walkthrough. There are plenty of shots scattered around the site.

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