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Some spells listed may be due to a magical weapon. Special attacks also listed.

MonsterGoldHP MPATDFAGMVWeaponSpells, etc.
Arch Demon11509965??46616NoneBolt 3, Slow attack
Arrow Launcher2903303524234Steel ArrowNone
Black Monk21030193318216NoneHeal 2, Blast 1
Blue Shaman8607260??54515Holy StaffAura 3, Blast 4, Dispell attack
Bow Master5504608753405Assault ShellNone
Bow Rider6106109555447Hyper CannonNone
Bubbling Ooze3303204735264NoneBlows Bubbles
Burst Rock0450060434NoneNone
Cameela Click for Picture9009909652586Iron ballBlaze 3
Cerberus4905108744456NoneBreathes fire
Chaos Dragon980830??48576NoneChaos Storm breath
Chaos Warrior7907623??50545NoneMagic Attack, Paralyze
Chaos Wizard58053498648595Great RodBlaze 4
Dark Bishop32039385438275FlailAura 1, Blast 3
Dark Cleric1001571811135Short RodHeal 1
Dark Dwarf1402102717184Short AxeNone
Dark Gunner6806009756454Buster ShotNone
Dark Knight5005007648407Chrome LanceNone
Dark Madam31029173831296Power StickFreeze 2
Dark Smoke13018202213136NoneDispel 1
Dark Sniper3803905337355Hyper CannonNone
Dark Soldier41035176346344Large AxeMagic Attack 1
Death Archer1902702819205Iron ArrowNone
Death Monk15023132714186NoneHeal 2, Blast 1
Demon7707538??50556NoneBolt 3
Demon Master84073689950656Mystery StaffFreeze 4, recovers 2 MP per turn
Devil Griffin1120890??47597NoneBreathes fire
Devil Soldier51060168448436Great AxeBoost 2
Dragonewt5306008742466Heat AxeBlaze 2
Evil Beast1050840??51606NoneSleep attack
Evil Bishop (chess)30033364737255Power StickHeal 3, Blast 2
Evil Bishop64064519548465Great RodAura 2, Blast 3
Evil Cloud1702203018175NoneNone
Executioner6206409446456Battle SwordMuddle attack
Galam Archer601501510105Wooden ArrowNone
Galam Knight80160171112 7Short SpearNone
Galam Mage90145159115Short RodBlaze 1
Galam Soldier50110151086Short AxeNone
Geshp Geshp Click for Picture1600??
????51636FlailFreeze 4
Goblin1001802213135Short AxeNone
Green Ooze901702212124NoneNone
Harpy34032104838297NoneDispel, Poison
Harpy Queen51053208139437NoneFreeze 2
Hell Hound570620??49506NoneBreathes fire
High Priest28030294031235Power StickHeal 3, Blast 2
Hobgoblin1602102519195Middle AxeNone
Horseman880670??57557Buster ShotNone
Huge Bat3011015866NoneSleep attack
Huge Rat2010012876NoneNone
Hunter Goblin902402212145Iron ArrowNone
Jar (joins)--5907444467Chrome LanceNone
King50055285540336FlailBlaze 2
King Galam Click for Picture3500??
????50626Demon rodNone
Knight3404805134297Power SpearNone
Kraken Arm2403004228226NoneNone
Kraken Head320350 5029 25 5NoneBlows Bubbles!
Kraken Leg2002403826196NonePoison
Lesser Demon36040216137326NoneBlaze 3, Boost 2
Lizardman4304006745386Large AxeNone
Master Mage22028142518225Iron RodBlaze 2
Master Monk46047396645316Brass KnucklesHeal 4, Dispel
Minotaur6605809851445Atlas AxeBlaze 3
Mist Demon5906828??41516NoneMuddle 2, Dispel attack
Mud Man5705509551414NoneNone
Necromancer52047427544516FlailFreeze 3
Odd Eye Click for Picture2000??
????57676Counter SwordSleep, Odd Eye Laser
Orc3303004337275Steel LanceNone
Orc Lord48046137344375Heavy LanceDispel
Pawn2503605337256Battle AxeNone
Pegasus Knight5206508137477Chrome LanceNone
Prism Flower8006202055440NoneLaser
Purple Worm5205809746435NonePoison
Queen39030264636356Power StickFreeze 2
Reaper9308231??49576Battle SwordMuddle 2, Dispel attack
Red Baron1200??
0??64626Dark SwordDesoul
Rook3204004831274Robin ArrowNone
Shaman54056468242405Wish StaffAura 2, Blast 3, Steals MP
Skeleton3503005440306Broad SwordPoison
Taros 4504904332230Taros SwordBolt
Vampire Bat1202082616166NoneBlaze 2, Poison
White Dragon720660??50536NoneBreathes ice
Witch11021101912166Bronze RodFreeze 1
Wizard43037375940445FlailBlaze 3
Wyvern4504607239367NonePoison, Breathes Fire
Zalbard Click for Picture70080659150525NoneBolt 2
Zeon Click for Picture0??
????50720NoneDemon Breath
Zeon Guard1300??

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