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shining force ii: miscellaneous: website credits
My first credit has to go to SmooveNET for being so helpful in arranging hosting for me when m y previous host took my money and ran. Thanks guys!

Sir Fil Next, I have to thank my good friend Sir Fil, without whom this site may never have happened. It was he who suggested that I make it - this site being probably the 2nd Shining Force II site to come into exisitance.

Contributors of Fan Art, Fan Fiction, Trivia and other Theories have their credits with their work rather than on this list.

Name/Email Contribution View Additional info on Karna's Aura spell [go!]
Ace 15 Mithrils Theory, plus a couple of minor corrections. [go!]
Ben Information on the "Power Plug" [go!]
Ckliang The "Avoid all Attacks" cheat [go!]
C. Steiger Screenshot of all the monsters in the Secret Final Battle. [go!]
Danny Whatley Precise directions to find the 2nd Vigor Ball [go!]
DARK Providing a better map of the Devil's Head maze [go!]
ŰR/< أ The Japanese SitD ROM. [go!]
Dave M A couple of Mithril locations [go!]
Dave Pro Experience guide [go!]
Decio de Magalhaes Screenshot of Bowie's stats with the Higins Spell [go!]
Devil Killer Corrections on the Knuckles section [go!] The "Wait until a monster comes to attack you" strategy [go!] Noticing that King Galam sometimes drops his Demon Rod [go!]
DragoonMaster77 Revised mithril theory (Goddess Staff evidence) [go!] Pointing me in the right direction for an English Sword of Hajya ROM. [go!] Resetting to get a better level-up trick [go!]
Fox Astron Map of the quick route to the Fairy Woods Bonus Stage [go!]
Iovix Frost Sending me the list of the bosses for each battle, and whether or not they end the battle when killed. [go!]
Iovix Frost Details of repair costs/uncurse costs for rings. [go!]
Iovix Frost Details of repair costs/uncurse costs for weapons. [go!]
James Noticing that if you use the Control Opponents cheat to make a monster drop it's weapon, you may be able to buy it in the deals section of a shop [go!]
Jay and Louise Reminding me what items are in the 2 other chests in the secret passage to Creed's [go!]
Jeff The "Reduce Damage of Spells" cheat [go!]
John Elias Correction on the Freeze Staff [go!]
John Healy A few minor corrections to the Spells Details Page [go!] Level when Kazin learns Blaze level 4 [go!]
Josh Noticing that if you use the Control Opponents cheat to make a monster drop it's weapon, you may be able to buy it in the deals section of a shop [go!]
Magus Various screenshots (Hero called "JERAD") ----
Mark Arnold Sending me all the Special Codes [go!]
Marc Heubeck Correction: only promoted characters can use the Life Ring [go!]
Melchior Confirming the previously uncertain value of the Ground Axe [go!] A few additions to walkthrough [go!]
Moby Location of the Evil Shot [go!] Pointed out a mistake in Karna's Blast level 3 [go!] The "Your VICR/WIZ/SOCR may seem to be weak in defense" strategy [go!]
Nicolau Some of the character attack animations & stills ----
Oleg V. Volkov Reminding me that Heal level 1 & 2 can restore up to 18 HP after promotion [go!]
Philip Scriber Complete list of Mithril Weapons, and their information [go!]
Phoenix Angel The "DON'T promote your characters as soon as you can" strategy [go!]
PhoenixKnightNova Pointing out a typo on Claude's page [go!]
Robin Suggesting I include actual HP for all monsters with ?? HP [go!]
Rodrigo Melo Finding that some of the Special Codes can be done without the special controller [go!]
Ryan Sarafinchan Additional notes on the Ground Axe [go!]
Seth Corrections on the Heavy Lance information [go!]
Sir Fil Location of the Pegasus Wing (this is how I first got in contact with him) [go!]
STAKK Noticing that if you use the Control Opponents cheat to make a monster drop it's weapon, you may be able to buy it in the deals section of a shop [go!]
STAKK Bragging about getting the Gisarme first time... [go!]
STAKK The "Avoid all Attacks" cheat [go!]
STAKK The "Increase All Stats By 250" cheat [go!] Suggestions on B. Rock and the Fairy Powder in the Special Codes [go!] Unconfirmed suggestion of the Life Ring's location [go!]
The Demon Correction regarding the use-effect of the Holy Lance [go!]
Timmy Mitchell Spells cast by Taros Sword and Iron Ball [go!]
Totto Additional notes for the Holy and Mystery Staves [go!]
Warlord IkitClaw Constantly telling me what looked bad on the site, making suggestions and also being fairly supportive ;) Thanks, love. ----
Zor Majority of the in-game maps [go!]

If I've missed anyone off, please let me know! If you'd like to see your name on this list, just contribute something to the site.

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