The Ultimate Shining Force II Guide
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shining force ii: main guide: section overview
Full Walkthrough
A complete guide to Shining Force 2, including battle maps, saved games, item locations and it's so easy to use!

If you're stuck on something, the chances are that other people have had the same problem. These are the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Tactics & Strategies
There are always good ways of doing things, and this page lists some of them. Open for more suggestions!

Main Game Map
A large map of the Shining Force 2 world (Grans Island and Parmecia) with sections devoted to each town. The "town" sections include an introduction, buildings, town maps, characters who join, items to find, key events and even the books and signs you'll find!
Instructions Manual
Simply the game's instructions manual.

Land Effect Guide
An explanation of what the land effect does.

Experience Guide
Guide to how experience points are gained.

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