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shining force ii: fanwork: fan art
Please feel free to send me your Fan Art for posting on this page (but if the files are more than 100k, please mail me to ask first).

Note: I am no longer accepting character stat sheet edits as fan art.

For anyone wondering how the character stat sheets were made: they are not secret characters in the game, nor are they created through a cheat. People just take a screenshot of the character stats sheet and edit it in their graphics programs.

BowieEvan Fournier
The EndEvan Fournier
Bowie vs
Liet-Kynes (from Dune) made with Bowie and
Greater Devil ScorpioScorpio
Angel PalantirScorpio
Advisor Sir Astral Scorpio
The WitchScorpio
Alagar the RangerScorpio
Pencil Sketch of BowieTJ Maser
Pencil Sketch of Tao (SHF1)TJ Maser
The Shining HeroesTelmo Amaro
The Nazca Ship Takes Off (Animated GIF)Ryelah
The End Sequence (Animated GIF, big file)Nicolau Chaud
It's NOT Great! Just about everyone who's ever played Shining Force II and has wanted to get the best weapons from the blacksmith has wanted the option to say this after about 25 times coming back... Matt
BowieMarcel Fan Art
Greater Devil Max - updated versionShawn
Digital Art of VolcanonNaria The Indestructible
Bowie and Oddeye - this one's great!Umichan
A Rendition of Tyrin, with the "Evil Shot"John Spannaus
Mae from SHF1LS
Mecha Sonic as a SHF2 CharacterIovix Frost
Knuckles as a SHF2 CharacterIovix Frost
Whiteagle the AngelBrian
Ex-Greater Devil CreedIovix Frost
Merlin the WizardIovix Frost
Logan the
Callie the Centaur (from a forthcoming FanFic)Andy Welch
Shining Force Marcus Majarra StatsMarcus Majarra
The Girls of SHF2 (excellent pic!)C. Adia
Slade as a Ninja (again, excellent pic!)C. Adia
The split difference of Red Baron and Luke: Viktre (another great drawing!)Iovix Frost
A cross between Bowie and ZyloKenny Holland
The Ultimate
Kiwi as a Ninja - Battle IconRick Hunter
Kiwi as a Ninja - Character PortraitRick Hunter
Kiwi as a Ninja - Stats SheetRick Hunter
Kiwi as a Ninja - Cutting off an Orc!Rick Hunter
Oddler/Odd Eye from Shining Force 2Ben
Harum the ZealotPedron
Mike the KNTEKiel Henne
Slade as a GodMecha Sonic
Sierra the Master MageDarris Gross
Sarah the Priest
Cam-Eye (cross between Cameela & Odd Eye) Frajya
Cartman, Sanilia, SCW and VannilSCW
Drade and UniaCaptain Kero
Puck (edit of Bowie) Nathan
Excellent picture of the
Sketch of the Force Umichan
Oddler/Oddeye Umichan
Sketch of Sir Dantares (Shining Force 3)Moogie
Boone the CentaurSkorp
Picture of BowieDave Wilson
Picture of KiwiDave S.
Alucard the VampireMatt Phan
Chester the Hero (Kiwi edit)richard welsh
SMR (Max edit)richard welsh
Kiwi the Hero (Hanzou edit)richard welsh
Shining Force Montage (Hanzou edit)richard welsh
Shining Force CentralCandy
Julian and Kate (Shining Force 3)Candy
The PriestNick
The TraderNick
Goddess MitulaNick
SAYN GokuJ.D The ShiningEnforcer
Dragon Ball Z vs Shining Force 2J.D The ShiningEnforcer
Shining Force 2 Comic StripRiku
DKHR EdwardJamison D
Priest's Stats [in memory of Dark Zombie, a friend no longer with us - may he rest in peace]Dark Zombie
Unholy Warrior Death
Sketch of Oddeye - excellent workOddEye182
Felonious MonkOddEye182
Shining Force 3 Cover (amazing painting!! I'm sorry about the bad job of patching it back together...)Emma

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