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shining force ii: downloads: roms & emulation
If you want to try before you buy, then you could download the games as ROMs. My host does not allow the hosting of ROMs, nor links to ROM sites or the files themselves. If you want to find them, I'm afraid you're on your own - don't ask me! If you need the Instructions Manual for Shining Force 2, you can get it here. If you don't know how to use the Emulators and ROMs, please don't ask me... try somewhere like for more help.

I no longer offer the emulators for download from this site. Since emulators are always under development and changing all the time (not to mention I'm quite short on time to update this site), I think it's best that you go to Zophar's Domain for all your emulator needs. I do, however, offer some utilities for use with the ROMs, below.

You can find some useful information regarding the emulation of Shining games at Shining Force Central.

utilities for pc genesis emulators and roms
 saved game editors
 name filesize description/notes download
genedit515KBA SaveGame Editor which works on GenEm .sav files and GeneCyst .gsv files for various RPG ROMs. Also available is Save-Con which converts between .sav and .gsv formats. click here
class editor36KBAllows you to do the one thing GenEdit left out - edit character classes (Shining Force 2 saves only). So, if you forgot about the Pegasus Wing and promoted Chester to Paladin, you can now make him a Pegasus Knight!click here
state editor778KBA little like GenEdit, but is Windows based and works on saved state (.gs0) files. The zip also contains a couple of required .dll files, which should be put in "c:/windows/system". This is a slightly updated version which includes help files and is a little easier to use (as well as nicer looking).

click here
sf2 editor183KBAnother save game editorclick here

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