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shining force ii: downloads: desktop goodies
Each file is zipped and contains a readme with instructions on setting up some of the files.

Desktop wallpapers for all of the Shining games can be downloaded from Shining Force Central (go to the game you're interested in, listed on the left, and then to the "desktop wallpapers" link on the right).

Name: File: Size: Description:
Full Theme Pack 734k Whole theme on Shining Force 2
Shining Force 1 Theme 1.18Mb A complete Shining Force 1 Theme by Raphael Wanka.
Shining Force 1 Theme 1.35Mb Another complete Shining Force 1 Theme, not sure who it's by.
Shining Force 3 Theme 1.45Mb Sega's Official Shining Force 3 theme, pretty cool!
Cursor Pack 1 9k Selection of cursors of Shining Force 1 & 2 (from Theme Packs)
Cursor Pack 2 4k Animated cursors by
Icon Pack 1 40k A selection of icons of Shining Force 1 & 2 (some from Theme Packs)
Icon Pack 2 151k Characters, Items and Weapons from Shining Force 2
Icon Pack 3 21k Characters from Shining Force. File made by
Shining Force Font 5k I made this one, and it's still in "beta"... but it's basically the font used when you choose your character's name.
Screen Saver 880k The Shining Force 2 characters walk down the screen, getting bigger
Theme Pack 1 313k A selection of Shining Force 1 things for your desktop (not a complete theme)
Theme Pack 2 309k A selection of Shining Force 2 things for your desktop (not a complete theme)

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